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Nourishing foods from my home to yours.


Homemade Breads


 At Nourish, I strive to deliver only the most healthy, nourishing, and flavorful foods to my friends, family, myself, and my customers. All my grains are organic and acquired monthly from a local farmer (Janie's Mill, IL). I mill the grains and grind the spices for my goodies just before use, guaranteeing maximum freshness and nourishment. I source organic, fresh, and high-quality ingredients and process them using traditional techniques, not cutting any corner, in order to make foods that I eat myself. 

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About Us

I grew up in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My love for making and serving food started at home. As a good Brazilian, I am a mix of various ethnicities and nationalities, but my family has a particularly persistent Italian heritage (that’s where my last name comes from). Rolling fresh pasta for my grandmother, kneading dough for my mom’s breads, or whipping egg whites for my birthday cake were common activities I begged to engage with, and my family was glad to have a helping hand (sometimes more messy than helping but those are other stories). 

Our Products

Every bread I bake is made with the traditional leavening skill that accompanied humanity throughout our history. This technique can have many names but it is commonly known as sourdough fermentation. It consists of nurturing naturally occurring micro-organisms and using them to leaven the loaves (something similar to yogurt, with water and flour instead of milk).

This tradition is very different from employing “fast-acting, instant yeast” which is an industrially-processed, single strain, lab-grown agent.


Aneta Jereb

If you can appreciate high-quality food and flavors - you will LOVE Nourish baked goods! Douglas bakes the most delicious and nourishing breads. I am very picky about the food we eat as a family and we are his loyal customers for quite awhile now. Anyone I share Nourish breads with, they immediately become a loyal customer of Douglas. My personal favorites are Lumberjane bread (love it topped with fresh goat cheese, drizzle of honey and fresh berries), Spanish bread (toasted and topped with home made pesto, avocado and farm fresh microgreens) and Milkbread for the yummiest French Toast or Grilled Cheese sandwiches you will ever make at home! You would have to try them all to discover your own personal favorites but hopefully my favorites can inspire you to get going ... 

Last but not least, customer service Douglas provides is top quality and very professional. He definitely knows how to keep his customers happy and loyal! I hope my review will inspire another family to try these nourishing/delicious breads and switch out the stale/sugar/yeast overfilled grocery store breads for good! 


Scott Fril



Hi, just wanted you to know the two chocolate chip cookies I got yesterday were two of the best cookies I have ever eaten in my entire life! Thank you.


Kathy Olson

I have been buying your bread, cookies, and soups. Everything you make is fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work. I think you picked the perfect name for your company… Nourish. I wish you the best of success for you and your company. 

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