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Douglas Callegario


  Douglas is a 30 years old culinary artist, holistic food educator, and       yoga teacher, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He loves cooking of course, movies, reading, Ashtanga, any   body of water, and hanging out in Nature!

Here are some of his favorite things:

     Foods: I can live on bread and butter my entire life. Brazilian          foods like acarajé, moqueca, and farofa. Any Asian food.

  Drinks: My morning routine of lapsang tea with orange peel and ginger; or matcha latte, with a dash of honey when I feel

    the need for extra comfort; kombucha and kvass on Summer afternoons.

Determined, Flexible, Founder, Nourisher

Movies: Theater is my church! There are so many movies I love I

     couldn't list them, so I will suggest my absolute favorites: The Qatsi trilogy: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi.

Books: Braiding Sweetgrass; Siddhartha; The Overstory; The Jungle; Rabbit Run; Healing with Whole Foods.

Places: Beijing, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro.

Music: Brazilian music (Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso...), Classical (Philip Glass, Bach, Tchaikovsky...), The Beatles.

Marcia Callegario

Persistent, Brave, Best Mom, Nourisher

My mom hasn't had the time to write her profile. You can scold her at the market or just ask her directly! 


Luke Wilczak

Born and raised in the Western Chicago suburbs, Luke is a plant enthusiast, philosopher, and lover of bread.

Helpful Supportive Grower Nourisher

FoodsSoup and Bread. Indian food. Spaghetti. 

         Drinks: Water! Coffee, kombucha, and less often herbal tea. 

       Movies: Clint Eastwood Westerns. Can get into sci-fi. 

Books: From Death to Birth by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait; Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar; The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.

Places: The Great Lakes, The Himalayas, any forest. 

Music: Reggae, Kirtan, a little of this some of that.

I have lived my whole life in the Chicagoland suburbs area; born in Oak Park, and I lived there up until fourth grade. Then my family moved to Saint Charles where I stayed until I finished my associate’s degree at Elgin Community College. While just doing general studies at ECC, I also began to study yoga science and philosophy at a local program in Batavia. Long story short, I enjoyed it so much I spent three months in India after I had finished my general electives; really a wonderful experience. After the trip, I was feeling recharged and inspired to cultivate a skill that would result in a satisfying work-life balance. When I was 17, I had a life-altering spinal fusion surgery that has resulted in complications; as I was undergoing therapy, I thought it would be rewarding to help people like myself one day. So, I went to Northern Illinois University and originally thought I would go for physical therapy. But… like a lot of people in school, I ended up changing my plans. I enjoyed studying philosophy very much, and for various reasons, decided that becoming a PT would not be a good fit for me and ended up with a degree in philosophy.

One thing I did realize during my time at NIU is that the value in nature’s bounty is greater than anywhere! I became interested in growing food and was able to get a job as a seasonal farm hand at a local organic farm in the summer after I graduated. I loved the work but after the season had to move on. I worked at a couple of places for about a year before I was able to return to farming. Glad to be back in the field, I spent a couple of years in a leadership role growing organic vegetables.

For me, farming to produce good food is rewarding for what you can get through working with the Earth, and further rewarding to be able to share the gifts of nature with others. And now, so it is the same with making bread.

Like most people I have eaten bread all my life. And as I’ve gotten older, I choose organic options and try to get the best food I can afford on my budget. So, a couple of years ago I find myself at the All Grass Farms Store shopping for locally grown and made food. And as I’m browsing, I come across the Suburban Sourdough. I always read the ingredient labels for new products and I find something to the tune of: freshly milled local and organic grains. No preservatives; simplicity! Once I got home and had some I was hooked—this is the best tasting bread I’ve ever had! Whole-some.

Anyway, I had Nourish bread only on occasion for a couple of years as the store was pretty out of my normal way. That was until I was able to meet Doug at a farmer’s market, which we were both vendors at. We became friends quickly out of mutual respect and were trading bread for veggies every week. Anyway, after a season of bartering, we started to hang out. And as we were talking, one thing led to another and we decided that I will join the Nourish team. Grateful
to be here!

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